What follows is an excerpt from a decision South leadership announced in November of 2019:

Above all else, your Elders desire to lead South Baton Rouge Church of Christ in a way that seeks our Father's will. Though not easy, we must be a family that boldly addresses subjects that may make us uncomfortable and may challenge our past traditions in an effort to seek what God desires. Our church family at South was built on that belief. In looking at our larger Restoration Movement history, it is also what we have always done. It's important to note that where we are today is not the same place as we were 50, 100, 150 years ago. We have moved as God and His Spirit have moved.
Our study regarding Women in the Church is one such difficult conversation that we felt was necessary. It is not trivial. It is important and vital to the direction of the church family as we look to our 2030 Vision. How we read, and interpret Scripture in these matters, dictates how we as a body of Christ reach a world that needs Him - in each generation. Though we may not fully agree on each aspect of this study, we believe that we can be united and not be divisive on this subject.
Over several weeks we considered together:
  1.  Women in the Old Testament
  2.  Jesus and Women
  3.  Women in the early church (Acts and Romans)
  4.  I Timothy 2
  5.  I Corinthians 11 and 14
  6.  Genesis and the Creation account
  7.  Galatians 3:28
As a conclusion to the study, we feel our hesitation to fully include women in some capacities affected our ability to strengthen our church family and/or reach people for Christ. And so, after over a year of individual and group prayer, discussions and fasting, it seems good to us and the Holy Spirit that all men and women should use their gifts and talents to build up Christ’s church and serve God - in all aspects of church family life. The elders are unified and unanimous in this regard.
At this time, for the sake of unity within the church family, it is our judgment that only the service of elder and full-time pulpit minister is to be reserved for men. Though the elders are not unanimous on this point, it should be noted that for the sake of unity within the church family, we all make compromises.